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Peyton in Purple

Here's how you solve your offseason problems if you are the Vikings...but it'll never happen. If you're curious what Peyton in purple looks like, see below...


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WhatWouldBudDo RT @THEEDeeDubYa: Check it out! RT @Sportsnaut: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Report: August 1, 2014 http://t.co/oqU1dCaOKK #NFL http://t…
WhatWouldBudDo RT @THEEDeeDubYa: Screen to Mckinnon...if he breaks that tackle in a game...it's 20+ yards. #KidIsMoney
WhatWouldBudDo RT @THEEDeeDubYa: Good coverage from the D on Rudolph... but he makes the catch anyway for a 4 yard gain. #BrassBalls

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Bud Grant Quotes

  • Handle Plate: "I've got more on my plate then I can handle."  --Bud Grant
  • Leadership: "We have no leadership.  They rule by a herd.  Nobody is in charge...  It reminds me of a bunch of cows."  --Bud Grant