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It's Only Preseason (deep breaths). It's Only Preseason

Vikings team preseason game 2

Week two of the preseason has come and gone...and it left us wanting more. This must be how people in Wisconsin feel when they try deep fried food for the first time. (hey-oh!)

The excitement around this Vikings team, two weeks in to the preseason, is unmistakable. For the first time in years, the number of (legitimately) excited fans, extremely outweigh those that are pooh pooh’ers. It’s a great feeling. Fans in Minnesota have been waiting for this feeling for a long time.

That said, if you’re a Minnesota fan, you should know by now that getting too excited can be awfully dangerous. So let’s take a deep breath, hold hands, count to ten, and hum this phrase together:

“It’s only preseason…it’s only preseason…”


New "Golden" Gophers Helmet Review

Gold Gopher Helmet

Time to step away from professional football to focus on college football for a moment. The University of Minnesota recently unveiled new "golden" football helmets.

Warning: I am a fairly big stickler when it comes to uniforms and their designs, that's not a secret to those that know me.

So, what's my official review?


Preseason Week Two: Vikings Need to Show More

Vikings Game Two Preseason

Week one of the NFL preseason is behind us, and it's time for real (but not really real) games. Rarely does week one of the pre-season ever show us any certainty towards the up coming regular season. There are not many takeaways from what we see during the first action of the season, to bet the family farm on for the rest of the season. That said, the Minnesota Vikings needs to show us more in game two versus the Arizona Cardinals if they really want build the frenzy of their fan base.


Time for the Minnesota Vikings to Get Vertical with the Air Coryell Offense?

Rudolph Touchdown

What is the Don "Air" Coryell Offense? "An offensive scheme in professional football developed by San Diego Chargers coach 'Don Coryell' or vertical offense. It focuses on mid-to-deep range passing and a power running game, with extra attention to pass protection."

The Air Coryell, often referred to as the "vertical" offense in today's game, has different variations that coaches have adopted in to their playbooks. The premise behind this offensive scheme is to force the defense to cover the entire field, with multiple receivers, using mid-to-long range routes. Timing and rhythm with the receivers is extremely important and require lots of repetition to build that chemistry with the quarterback.


Minnesota Vikings vs Oakland Raiders: Three Things to Look Forward to

Minnesota Vikings Turf TCF Bank Stadium

Football is back and here to stay until February 2015. While it may only be preseason, Minnesota Vikings fans get to watch their team play in a live game for the first time tonight since last December. Here are three things to watch for in tonight’s preseason opener versus the Oakland Raiders at TCF Bank Stadium.



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