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The Wilfpranos and the Tough Crowd

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You know, the real estate business is a funny thing. It's a tough and not for the faint of heart. It takes one of steely eyed optimism and one with a keen eye on the “next big thing”. We have seen many take giant swipes at fame and fortune and come up empty. Remember how many Krispy Kreme donuts shops that used to pepper the Twin Cities area? Or the best example of a giant miss, Hershel Walker?


Are the Vikings and Packers Equally Good?

Minnesota-Vikings-Green-Bay-Packers(Photo: Rantsports.com)

It seems each post I make regarding the Minnesota Vikings starts out with my expectations I had for them. This post is no different. 

The Vikings face their arch-rival, Green Bay Packers, at Lambeau Field tonight, and it got me thinking: How good are the Vikings? How good are the Packers? Are they equally as good (or bad, for you Bears fans)?


Teddy Bridgewater's First Start: What Does it Mean?

TBWWWBD 900x241(GET IT?!)

The Teddy Bridgewater era is here...it's officially here! When many fans were already calling for Bridgewater to get his chance over veteran Matt Cassel, they get their wish, by vertue of injury.

What can we expect from Bridgewater as he takes control of the offense, likely for good? Are fans going to chalk up the season as "lost" because of a combination of injuries and a tough schedule? Are they going to be excited to watch "Teddy Two Gloves" provide some magic like previous rookie quarterbacks have?

Here's a question I have: Why is Teddy Bridgewater getting so much praise as an unproven rookie, when Christian Ponder got the exact opposite treatment (even before he played himself out of a job)? I have a theory.


Peterson, Gone. Simpson, Gone. Is There Still a Game on Sunday?!

072714.S.STP .Vikings-Defense 1

The way the last week has gone, people seem to forget there's still a very meaningful game this weekend between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. By now, every knows that Adrian Peterson is out and Jerome Simpson has been cut (seriously guy, get some help). But lets not lose focus on why we love the name on the front of the jersey, versus the name the on the back...THE FOOTBALL GAME. Real, american, football. It'll be there Sunday, and we'll be waiting.

How pivotal is this game for the Vikings? My opinion may surprise you.


Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints and Some History

Saints vs Vikings

After a tumultuous week of football (mostly non football related news), I'm ready to get back to meat and potatoes of the sport we all love so much. The Minnesota Vikings visit the New Orleans Saints in Week 3 and both teams come in with their own struggles.

The Vikings will look to win their second road game of the 2014 season after finishing 0-7-1 during the 2013 season. The Saints, surprisingly, will be in search of their first victory of the season.

Here's a look at the history between the Vikings and the Saints:



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