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Is It Time to Fire Derek Fisher?

MeloandFishercourtesy - www.mlive.com

I feel I need to preface this article by letting you know that although I live in South Dakota, I am a fan of the New York Knicks, and have been since Carmelo Anthony (I’d drink his bath water) donned the Orange and Blue in February of 2011. That last statement may also show you where my true allegiance stands with the team and their coaching staff.

This off season, Phil Jackson’s first as GM, was considered to be a big win by many Knickerbocker supporters. The team was able to retain the services of their star player, Anthony, for just under max value. They were able to trade away Raymond Felton, while adding a point guard suited for the famed triangle offense, in Jose Calderon. They were able to get back in to a deep draft, albeit with two second round picks, which no one thought was possible. And they hired newly retired Derek Fisher to take over the reigns as head coach of the team that calls the "World's Most Famous Arena" home.

The basketball capital of the world was buzzing with anticipation for the start of the new season and the possibilities of what the future might hold, not only this season in a weak Eastern Conference, but also long term as the large contracts of Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani come off the books, opening up cap space for the 2015 free agency class.

Then the season actually started.



ActionCourtesy - fansided.com

Let me start off by gushing, that I indeed do, LOVE me some Johnny Football! (But you know, in the way where I don’t want to get all oiled up and talk about each others aspirations).

Like many of you, I seem to have a natural affinity for originality and guess what, this kid brings it by the bulk! I haven’t been this excited for an athlete’s debut, well, ever. Yes I do understand that this, technically, is not his debut as he has registered a few snaps here and there though that is about the equivalent of when your dad would let you sit on his lap and ‘steer’ the car. But now, Dad finally "gave him the keys" and those proverbial training wheels are coming the f*ck off.


Minnesota Timberwolves: The Youth Movement

courtesy - www.cbc.ca

This season was supposed to be a down year for a Minnesota Timberwolves team that had had playoff aspirations the past few seasons. The front office decided this off season that it was time to rebuild and get younger when they traded away the face of the franchise, Kevin Love, for the last two number one overall picks, Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. The Wolves drafted Zach Lavine in this year’s lottery, adding him to a young group consisting of Gorgui Dieng and Shabazz Muhammad, first round picks from a year ago.

The bar, heading in to this season, was set fairly low.


Ron Artest: June 16, 2010 - Where Amazing Happened

Ron-Artest-C-Lisa-Blumenfeld(Courtesy: rantsports.com)

November 19th is an important day for Ron Artest. Ten years ago today, Artest triggered one of the ugliest moments in NBA history, the "Malace at the Palace." I'm taking a different approach, focusing on a different date in the great career of Ron Artest.

If you don't know why June 16, 2010 was a note worthy day, then please allow me to assist your recollection of why it will forever be the stuff of basketball lore. The Minnesota Timberwolves host the New York Knicks and it's hard to find history between the two teams worth writing about, so let us venture outside of the box and take that proverbial trip down memory lane to write about former Knick (albeit brief), Ron Artest...when he was a Laker (and yes I know that that is definitely a stretch).


If You Think the Pohlad's are Cheap, Here's a Challenge For You

PohladsMolitorTwins(Photo: kare11.com)

Ah yes, here we are again…the Major League Baseball offseason. For those not lucky enough to see their teams make a deep postseason run in to October, the “offseason” started in September. Heck, it basically started in June for some of us. This also seems to be the time when fans think they have the quick fix answers to make their teams relevant. I'll admit, I’m one of them, but I tend to have more realistic thoughts/ideas than most fans I come across (you’ll know what I mean shortly).

So, to those fans (or any fan really), I’ve got a challenge for you. This is your chance to prove you’re smarter than the general managers and owners who spend every day of the year looking for ways to improve their teams. Read on if you are interested…(actually, read on anyways as this topic is a touchy one)



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